Business and Corporate Law

Blanco & Martín Lawyers consider that a global and specialised advice is necessary in a complex area that generates multiple conflicts. Therefore, our experienced professionals have great expertise at advising both private individuals and corporate entities on a variety of economic relationships, such as contracts, claims, defaults and any other legal conflict related to your company and / or professional activity.


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Areas of Expertise

  • Business and Commercial Contracts

  • Constitution of Societies

  • Urgent Service of Constitution of Companies 24h

  • Quantity Claims

  • Responsibility of Administrators

  • Socioeconomic Crimes

  • Creditors´Competition

  • Merger and Acquisition

  • Dissolution and Liquidation of Companies

  • Financial Areas, Litigation and Recoveries

  • Banking Law

  • Competition Law, Patents and Trademarks

  • Industrial and Intellectual Property

Experienced Specialist Lawyers

Taxation and Accounting

Our firm provides tax and accounting advice addressing in a comprehensive manner the taxes implications of both legal entities and self-employed. We offer a business management service.

Areas of Expertise


  • Tax Statements: Income, Equity, Companies, I.V.A., Fractionated payments, withholdings, I.A.E.
  • Assessment of Resources and Claims
  • Permanent Advice and Fiscal Planning


  • Organization and Commissioning of Official Accounting
  • Analysis of the Balances
  • Regularization, Closure of Accounting, Legalization of Accounting Books and Annual Accounts
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Specialist Lawyers in Business and Corporate Law


Tax and Accounting Advice

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