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If you have to face a process of divorce in Estepona, Blanco Martín Abogados is your best asset to defend your interests.

A divorce is a legal process that can be fast and simple or tremendously long and complex, and to a large extent, this will be determined by the decisions that each spouse takes along the same.

That is why it is so important to have the advice of people with an in-depth knowledge of the divorce proceedings, who not only offer opinions and advice from a legal perspective, but also with the understanding of the difficulties that arise at all times.

Blanco Martín Abogados has highly qualified professionals with experience in the field of civil and family law, so our firm is one of the best options for those who are looking for divorce lawyers in Estepona.

Our way of working is based on the knowledge and use of the law to obtain the best conditions for the client, always from the parameters of integrity and ethics that guide all our actions.

When both parties are willing to collaborate the process is expedited, and that is why we always try to advise those who use our services to maintain an open and tolerant attitude that paves the way.

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Estepona Express Divorce

In many cases, what in the first instance seems to mean a postponement, results in a more significant subsequent benefit, since an express divorce is less expensive and traumatic than opting for the contentious route.

About express divorces in Estepona, our cabinet has managed to carry out a large number of processes, reaching agreements between the parties that have made the divorce fast and cheap.

The services of Blanco Martín Abogados regarding divorces in Estepona are not limited to advice to achieve the best agreement or to defend the interests of the client if the contentious route is chosen, but also include the review of compliance with the conditions or the modification of some of its terms when the requirements under which the agreement was signed have varied substantially.

This is of particular importance, given that the divorce conditions have no expiration date.


Ups and downs occur in life, and it is common for the economic situation of one of the spouses to improve or worsen due to various circumstances over the years. As divorce lawyers in Estepona with extensive experience, we have experienced this situation on numerous occasions, acting accordingly when the variation in the case experienced is detrimental to the interests of our represented.

If you have to face a divorce process in Estepona, you must do so with the best weapons, and in this case, those weapons are an in-depth knowledge of the law, extensive experience and the permanent attention of a legal assistant to any variation in the terms.

Blanco Martín Abogados provides these tools and is, therefore, the best guarantee for those seeking a specialized divorce firm in Estepona.

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