Civil Law

Blanco & Martin Lawyers are experienced specialists in the area of Civil Law.

Consult us on daily and frequent issues about: Family law, inheritance law, leases agreements, divorce, separation of property, donations, interpretation and drafting of contracts

In this office we provide efficient, diligent and effective services for any type of conflict that may arise day-to-day. Blanco & Martin Abogados will manage your case with maximum dedication, making your objectives ours.


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Areas of Expertise

  • Contracts

  • Real State

  • Divorce

  • Eviction

  • Inheritance

  • Wills

  • Soil Clauses, Abusive Cluases

  • Dation in Payment

  • Mortgage Law

  • Marriage

    Separarion, Divorce

  • Right of Property and other Real Rights

  • Debt Claim

  • Compensation of Damages

  • Contractual and Extra-Contractual Civil Liability

  • Paternity and Filiation

  • Incapacitations

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Specialist Lawyers in Civil Law


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