Criminal Law

If you need a criminal lawyer in Estepona to defend your rights, at Blanco & Martin Lawyers we have many experts who offer a quick and effective advocacy of your rights. Additionally, our relationships with clients in this sort of sensitive matters are based on confidentiality, proximity and trust.

Our firm has a group of collaborators to provide our clients with the best possible defense.

Consult us on daily and frequent issues about: criminal complaints, gender violence, offence against persons or freedom, assistance to detainees…

Contact us if you need a criminal lawyer and we will help you in any way possible. We have over 25 years of experience in criminal law in Estepona. 


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Areas of Expertise

  • Criminal Complaints

  • Defense in Criminal Trials

  • Offence Against Persons

  • Offence Against Freedom

  • Family Rights Offence

  • Offence Against Vial Security

  • Offence Against Heritage

  • Offence Against Privacy and Honor

  • Tax Offences

  • Public Health Offences

  • Gender Violence

  • Assistance to Detainees

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Specialist Lawyers in Criminal Law


Over 25 Years of Experience

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